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Welcome to #MyDerailed a new style experience...

Here we have developed a unique website offering one of a kind pieces without breaking the bank. I got so bored with the high street and other cookie cutter websites, they kept offering the same styles the same poor craftsmanship and the same mass produced average items. I did not want to look average and no one was doing anything I found inspiring. I wanted to stand out from the crowd (like so many other fasionistas) and so #MyDerailed was born.
It’s not about box standard mass produced fashion. I grew up with my grandparents so was inspired by old Hollywood films, swing music, as well as Royalty and glamour. I wanted to incorporate this into #MyDerailed whilst retaining a modern edge. I was sick of seeing my social media full of girls wearing the same dress, so I wanted almost everything to be one of a kind without a crazy price tag.

We are defiantly different! This is an entire Aladdin’s cave of wonders. Each item has been either; hand selected, handmade, bespoke or up-cycled.( Nearly every item on the website is one of a kind so move fast) However we are constantly changing and creating new looks, new styles, sourcing and carefully curating fashion forward items all the time for you.

We are also an ethical company which strongly believes ‘green is the new black’ and #MyDerailed is all about quality, style individuality over quantity.
We not only want to offer you beautiful had crafted echo friendly fashion but we want to inspire you to be different and darling with our styling tips, blog, ideas and creativity.

We want to work with you so all of our customers stand out from the crowd and retain their individuality in a world full of Instagram copies, be an old Hollywood movie star, a gothic princess or a vintage dream. The choice is yours!
We are all about elegant simplicity mixed with exaggerated pieces, and the balance of fashion creating instant s

tyling ideas for you. Our ‘look’ is a very eclectic mix; long vintage gowns draped in bespoke hand painted leather jackets, handmade pearl fascinators paired with customised T-shirts, boyfriend jeans and a hand sewn silk corset... anything goes here! Pride yourself on being ahead of the game as we do.

With #MyDerailed you don’t want to look like you are following a trend you will set your own trend! Come with us on this new fashion journey. Feel amazing in our one of pieces whilst incorporating your own modern style. Refine a new sophistication...
Lights, Camera... Fashion !


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