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With party season in prime time and your social calendar filling up, it's the perfect time to test out modern metallics. For those slightly nervous or sceptical, follow our guide. What we love most about metallics, it's their versatility.

1) Wear with chic tailoring.

A beautiful champagne gold pleated skirt has been teamed with simplistic strappy 1990's style heels that would make Cinderella green with envy, yet the look is not tacky or too much. What makes it work is the tan elegant jacket, casual hairstyle, and daytime jewellery. Sometimes bring the look back a notch to make it stand out more!

2) Don't be afraid to go all out and floor-length.

Sometimes it's easy when you receive that formal invite to reach straight for the long block colour dress #boring. It can be daunting but these dresses stay elegant as even though they are extremely striking and fashion-forward they shy away from the flashy bright sequin dresses we know from the '80s (or Towie). A long sequin dress can just have beautiful touches and artistry as these two dresses demonstrate.

3) It's Ok Go Sparkly Before Dark.

Think black knee-length winter boots and an elegant tote bag, A cute tea dress or jeans with some sparkle notes thrown in- You may be heading for a coffee or perusing the shops but one thing for sure, you will be a daytime showstopper.  I would avoid any clashing accessories with this look.

4) Do Overdo the colour palette.

In this look clashing bright colours have been chosen yet the look definitely stands out without being too crazy it's still elegant due to the fact the colours actually go together and it's not flashing too much skin. Never be afraid of a lime green shiny skirt for lunch (moral of the story). However much I love this look I would have avoided black accessories.

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