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It may seem like a distant memory thinking of the glamour of the old red carpet, with full attendance, crowds and red carpet interviews, glitz and the general hustle and bustle with voices shouting ''who are you wearing?!'' Of course, the big event is The Oscars always has and always will be the big fashion show (with a bit of acting thrown in). Here I will count down my absolute best and worst looks of all time (Clue: Worst dressed list grows the more modern and creative celebrities get) There is a tried and tested formula for this classic red caret however some do stray either to critical acclaim or fashion faux par, let's face it any press is good press so maybe some of the shock tactics have been no accident over the years? I could be wrong but let's take a look...

Who can forget this famous classic look on Julia Roberts when she won best actress. She famously said she could only pose looking over her shoulder in this dress.

Ava Gardner giving us huge movie star glamour and making me think there are not enough tiaras getting worn these days.

Great for milking cows on the farm but not the best look for The Oscars sorry Uma Thurman

Is Gwyneth Paltrow 12 here?

Elizabeth Taylor teaches us how best to show off gigantic diamonds

Hilary Swank showing us the efforts of her boxing training for the film Million Dollar Baby. Although quite plain from the front, it's iconic for the cutaway back (and the fact she went to McDonald's afterwards for a sit-down burger clutching her best actress oscar wearing this gown!)

A lesson here in attention-seeking from Bjork, although this outfit burns my eyes I do have to say I love the shoes!

Although appearing very simple it's actually got lots of detail This dress was actually designed to look like diamonds had been thrown over her.

Audrey Hepburn had to dash from the theatre to collect her Academy Award (if you look closely you will notice she is still wearing her heavy stage make-up)As ever still looking elegant in a simple white belted dress.

Although extremely famous and iconic I was never a fan of this dress worn by Halle Berry. I personally don't like the colour or material and find it too fussy, however, it's definitely of its time and everybody remembers it.

As I'm such a huge fan of Barbra Streisand I won't say anything about this look. Erm... Let's move on

How to do Elegance for the Men A beautiful look from Clark Gable

How it Should be Done - Grace Kelly owning the red carpet here. I think no stars today come close

Although many thousands of beautiful dresses have graced the famous Kodak theatre over the decades the dress's that instantly become iconic are the ones worn by the actress who wins on the big night

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